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This web site is dedicated to providing information on TriCare and the Foreign Medical Program in the Republic of Panama for US Veterans.



"The purpose of this website is to assist Veterans and their dependents find answers about TRICARE and the Foreign Medical Program. There are three sections below:

(1) Points of Contact, locally and stateside;

(2) VFW Posts' e-mail addresses for Veterans and dependents to ask specific questions in writing or to ask for assistance; and,

(3) Internet Links to other TRICARE, FMP amd Veterans related websites."


TRICARE Points of Contact(POC's) in PANAMA


Contact TRICARE Latin America Area Office Via

  • Mailing address

    TAO-Latin America & Canada

    1700 N Moore Street Suite 1200

    Arlington, VA 22209

  • Telephone (0800-1600 ET)

    -Toll Free (if calling from the United States) 1-877-451-8659

    -Comercial 1-703-588-1848

  • FAX

    -Comercial 1-703-696-3774

  • DSN

    -Phone 425-1848

  • EMail Contact TRICARE Area Office

  • EMail Contact International SOS Customer Assistance Office.

    -Phone 1-877-8659.

  • ***************************************

    Contact Wisconsin Medical Service (WPS)